BLK-ED is Hot! Check out these Cruelty-Free and Vegan Leather Handbags

BY: Mazaajiya

BLK-ED is back! This Black-owned Black girl backpack brand launched in the Spring of 2020. These designs are hand drawn by independent Black artists and artists of color all over Canada and the United States. The unique collections of Black-owned handbags, wallets, crossbody bags and more quickly sold out.


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Cruelty free fashion brands are trending styles. Popular fashion trends are unsustainable and expensive, but does it have to be that way?


BLK-ED focus on sustainability and quality of their products that does not sacrifice affordability. Black designers and Black owned custom design brands continue to grow in vegan fashion industry with a growing demand in vegan leather handbags, vegan crossbody bags and vegan wallets.


BLK-ED is a Black owned handbags brand made by African-American serial entrepreneur, Renee Ashman. She now lives in the Greater Toronto Area and her products are available for sale in Canada, UK and the United States.


Renee was inspired by her daughter to believe that anything is possible.


Before school started, Renee Ashman and her daughter were shopping for a school backpack. The BLK-ED founder was shocked that there were no Black Girl Art or Brown Girl Art backpacks that her child wanted! It was unbearable to see the disappointment in her daughter's eyes. So she took the matter in her own hands.      

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