Black Owned Business Alert: Blk-ed


By Nikiya Alfred  UIC Contributor  Money + Career


Meet Renee-Alexandria. She’s a 12-year veteran, entrepreneur, a mother, and a woman in charge. Renee is a Canadian born, American raised, black woman. She’s been a business owner for 13 years. She's a person who believes in not only achieving monetary success but achieving emotional, spiritual, financial success in anything and everything she does. Her goal at Blk-ed is to help people. She's definitely about her money and helping others break generational curses. I recently purchased some products from her website, and I'm in love with my bag. It looks and feels like me. 

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1.) What's the story behind your business?

"​I actually started Blk-ed because of my daughter, Samnia. She was starting school, and I couldn’t find a backpack for the life of me that had a little brown or black girl on it. It was the hardest thing to search for, and after trying many stores and many places, I took my search online. I couldn’t find anything there, either, so I decided to create one. When I created one, I had other mothers ask me where I go. I said that I made it, and they wanted some. When I started to make all of these backpacks, I realized that there was nothing out for me, there was no representation of me in fashionable accessories.


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